[Later: curing "Islamophobia".]
Why am I so concerned about Islam?  What is it about that religion, more than any other of the fairy tales of the "world's great religions" that gets me riled?  Am I not being unfair?  Isn't it true that all religions are equal, to each his, or her own way to God, to Allah?

The best summary of the problem with Islam is this one, from Robert Spencer in 2006:
Islam is unique among the religions of the world in having a developed doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates warfare against unbelievers.
I first came across this summary around 2007, by which time I'd already been reading around Islam for some years.  I thought hmmm, can that be right, is it a correct summary?  So I parsed every word in that simple single sentence and concluded: it is factually correct.

Islam is "unique" in that no other religion has a mandate of warfare against unbelievers. If you object that the Bible is equally violent as the Koran, I will say: the vast majority of Christians today abide by the New Testament, not the Old.  Even in the Old Testament, the violence is descriptive of battles happening at the time: it is descriptive, not prescriptive. By contrast, the Koran is prescriptive and eternal: it says that warfare against unbelievers must be carried out at all places and all times. I would also point out the Bible means "library", that it's a collection of books written by man, whereas the Koran, by Muslim belief, is written by God and is therefore "uncreated" and inviolable.  Thus, the other major religions do not mandate warfare against unbelievers.

Whereas Islam does.  In its doctrine (the Koran, the Hadith), in its theology (the Sunnah, the teachings of Imams in mosques throughout the world), in its legal systems (Umdat al-Salik), Islam teaches warfare against unbelievers. Other religions do not.

In short: Islam has a doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates warfare against unbelievers. Other religions don't.  That makes Islam unique in that regard.  And it makes the statement above correct.

It's really as simple as that.  Islam is supremacist and wants to rule the world.  That's a plain fact.  It's as plain as the texts and doctrines and legal system that mandate the effort to rule.  And it's as plain as its many adherents who try to carry out its mandate.

There's also another summary of Islam, which I'll dot-point below:
  • Supremacist
  • Sectarian
  • Homophobic
  • Misogynist
  • Against the freedom of speech
  • Against the freedom of conscience
  • Against the rights of minorities and non-Muslims.
Again, each of these is verifiably true, both of the doctrine of Islam and of its practice.  Given that they are true, I don't want to see our society absorb these elements into our culture or legal systems.  That way lies only more heartache and ruin for our women, for our children, for the rights of gays and other minorities.  Actually, I wouldn't mind if it were all of the above, other than its first. That is: Islam is free to be as homophobic or misogynist as it wishes. After all, many other religions are. It's the supremacist bit that does it for me. That is: that Islam believes that it must conquer all others so that they too become worshipers of Islam, that they too become the same homophobes and misogynists as pious Muslims are. That's the problem I have with Islam: its Supremacist nature.

It is this that makes me a member of the "counter-Jihad" community and to write about Islam and its dangers.

Of course many will counter with objections, the most common being that all religions are the same; that they all have their crazies and or who "hijack" its peaceful core concepts; that the Bible is as violent as the Koran.

None of these stands scrutiny, however.   Clearly not all religions are the same.  The Jain who worries about killing any living thing on earth, including cockroaches, is not the same as the Muslim who lauds the suicide bomber who kills innocents.  All religions may have their crazies, but Christian crazies are neither large in number nor lionised when they quote the Bible for acts of terror: they are instead hunted down and brought to justice, unlike the suicide bombers in the middle east who are praised for their acts.  And whereas a Christian terrorist will have to go against the teaching of his religion, the Islamic terrorist is clearly acting in accordance with what he is told in the Koran and the Hadith; he is not "hijacking" his religion, he is acting in accordance with it. And the Bible is not as violent as the Koran, because the vast majority of today's Christians follow the New Testament, which is notable for its pacific tone, in sharp contrast with the Koran.  Try reading the Koran, and then immediately reading the New Testament and you'll see what I mean.

I ought to stress at this point that I write as an atheist, not as a Christian. I find all religions equally unbelievable fairy tales.  But most are benign and keep to themselves; religion as a private thing.  Only Islam --  only Islam -- makes its cause to convert the rest of humanity to Islam, by dawa (proseletizing) or by jihad (fighting: either violent or stealth).

The case against Islam. Feb 7, 2006

A nice (and accurate) summary of Muhammad, the founder of Islam.  It would probably be more accurate to call this religio-ideology "Muhammadism", rather than "Islam" -- even if Muslims hate this characterisation.  But it's a more accurate term, for the veneration in Islam is rather greater for Muhammad, who is known as "the perfect man", than it is for Allah.  So, what did this "perfect man" -- the model for Muslims to this day -- do in his life?  It's all in the original Muslim text "The Life of Muhammad", (the Sirah), by Muslim scholar Ibn Ishaq and linked in the column at left.  There's also plenty about him in the Koran.  I came across this summary from "Sean Hat" (which I've fact-checked) recently:
Muhammad was a self-serving (33:50-53), intolerant (5:51), polygamist (4:3) warlord (8:1, 33:27). He recruited warriors by promising them spoils of war (8:69, 48:19-20) and big-breasted virgins (78:33) in a gold-filled paradise (81:31). Muhammad used these fighters to spread his religion with the sword (9:5, 9:29), enrich himself thought conquest (8:1, 8:41) and gain access to the women who were captured or made widows by his advancing army (33:50, 70:30). Others joined to avoid the humiliating “infidel tax” (9:29), death, mutilation or expulsion (5:33). While writing the Quran, Muhammad worked in many personal, tailor-made advantages for himself (33:37-38, 33:50-53). The Quran allowed Muhammad to dominate his wives (33:30-34) even after his own death (33:53). He warned his wives that they will burn in hell if they reveal his secrets (66:3-5, 66:10). Muhammad used this “holy book” to slander the Jews (2:96, 5:13, 5:82) as well as his personal (111:1-5) and political enemies (9:13-14). The Quran contains scientific (13:3, 67:5, 86:7), mathematical (4:11-12) and historical (18:83-97) errors in addition to sexist (4:34, 2:223, 2:228, 23:6) and barbaric (5:38) teachings that have no place in the world today.