Thursday, 25 August 2016

AP Claims ISIS Recruits Have a Poor Grasp of Islam | PJ Media

And so, they claim, ISIS has "nothing to do with Islam".
That's about as true as saying that the followers of Mao were not Maoists.
Actually, at the beginning they weren't. They knew nothing of Mao's writings and his regurgitated Marxism and Hegelian dialectics. It was Mao and his educated cronies who conceived and refined their ideology. It was only later, in the early sixties,
that Mai made all Chinese learn by heart his "Little Red Book", the comic book version of communism.
But it ought to be obvious that to have said Mao and his troops weren't communists because the troops couldn't quote Marx,
Is complete nonsense.
Similarly it's nonsense to say that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam even if many of the foot soldiers can't quote the Koran. We get the ideology of their movement from what their leadership says.
And for ISIS that's best set out in their glossy magazine "Dabiq".
See Sam Harris' reading of this in his recent podcast
Shame in all these apologists for ISIS. Either they're monstrously ignorant or dreadfully duplicitous.

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The Trumpian Wall

Trump has been on Fox this morning, with Sean Hannity, walking back his policy on illegal immigrants. He doesn't want to kick them all out any more it seems. To the clear buttock-tightening discomfort of the likes of Hannity and co.
In the process, Trump talked about his Wall, which he's "really, really going to build", between Mexico and the US.
He mentioned how quickly the Chinese had built the Great Wall. So, building his Wall would be much quicker.
What he doesn't know, or doesn't say, is that the Chinese Great Wall was a signal failure. It didn't stop one Mongol from invading and conquering Ming China.
Trump stunned Hannity, by the way, in his immigration policy reversal (he's now not going to kick them all out). He stunned all observers by taking a poll of the audience. Which was mostly in favour of kicking them all out with a special new police force. Trump played this as if the crowd had been in favour of his latest flip flop.
Trump is equally ignorant on the issue of drugs, which is one of the reasons for his Wall. I'm a libertarian on that. Decriminalize and provide medical support for those that have problems, like we do with alcohol.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What Trump’s Foreign Policy Gets Right - WSJ

This is interesting from John Bolton. 
Hillary better get a skedaddle on to work out a foreign policy which differentiates from the soppy-floppy Obamism. 
Something perhaps like the proposed Clinton Foreign policy speech suggested by Sam Harris in a recent post. []
Not holding breath on that though. She seems blind (willfully?) to certain realities especially the Islamic one.
Full text below the fold...

Is That Libidinous Latina Taco Gay or Bi? - WSJ

In the miscellany and WTF? category, the sad story of the loss of humour in the young leftie mind.
Worth linking over to the queer website Autostraddle to see the 2,600 word apology they made just for publishing a (lukewarm) positive review of the offending "Sausage Party".

Islam, 'Mindslaughter,' and the Catastrophic 'Lewis Doctrine' | PJ Media

This is *very* interesting. I know Bernard Lewis, of course, but not the "Lewis doctrine". That is, as alleged here, Lewis being responsible for convincing the W administration about bringing democracy to the Middle East by invasion and nation building.
A disaster, as we now know.
If true, I wonder how Lewis feels now.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Harry's Place » The case of Ibtihaj Muhammad

A longish article about the insanity that temporarily gripped America when they considered putting an ordinary athlete as flag bearer at the olympics opening, simply because she wore a hijab. 
And now she's being fated. Is America mad?

.... most sadly of all, this is just another example of the moral illusion the Western Left repeatedly keeps falling for.

Rather than celebrate well integrated Muslims who've adopted modern liberal values, they choose to celebrate the religiously conservative, and then think they are being progressive in doing so.

Meanwhile other women of Muslim background such as the 400 metre hurdler Dalilah Muhammad, who chooses to wear standard attire for her event, won't get a mention. Inadvertently this just reinforces the Muslim Brotherhood idea of the 'authentic' Muslim voice only being the one wearing a Hijab, whose politics aligns with narratives of victimisation and despair in the West (Muhammad complains of feeling 'unsafe all the time' in the US and remarked that if elected Mitt Romney would 'ship us all of to Afghanistan) and a hatred of Israel expressed in the most hyperbolic terms (Muhammad accuses them of 'ethnic cleansing' etc).

Why can't those who want to support Muslim women champion instead genuinely liberal progressive voices such as Habiba Ghribi, [SA1] the 2012 Olympic Steeplechase champion from Tunisia, who after winning her medal dedicated it to the women's right movement in her home country who were at the time fighting to change women's constitutional status from 'complementary' to that of 'equal', and has since become a hero to women's rights activists there.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Going undercover against extremism - BBC News

Thought I had lost this, but redound or courtesy of Sam Harris quoting it on his Twitter.
It's pretty scary. The extent to which young Muslims in the UK hate the UK.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

A split euro is the solution for Europe’s single currency —

I lived in Europe on and off for about ten years from the fifties to the seventies, in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the U.K.
I've visited numerous times since.
I was in Italy just before and just after the introduction of the Euro. It seemed to me a crazy idea at the time. Every Italian I spoke to when the Lira was swapped for the euro, said that equivalent prices had jumped sharply. I found this true just by buying groceries; tomatoes and lemons in Amalfi: much pricier than they'd been in Lire.
The euro has always felt wrong to me.
And Greece has shown how being tied to the euro has hobbled their chances of devaluing or interest-tweaking their way out of trouble.
Below is Joseph Stiglitz a Nobel Laureate, who has been a consistent critic of the euro. It looks like he's right. (It's behind a firewall, but googling "Stiglitz Euro" gets many similar articles)
But then we have arrogant bureaucrats like Jean-Claude Juncker who would rather think about how to punish those who want to leave the EU, than consider what might be wrong with the euro and the EU project.
Bottom line: I think (no, I don't think, I *know*) I want to be out of any euro-denominated assets.

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The Meaning of an Olympic Snub - WSJ (or: why are people anti-Semitic?)

Great article by the reliable and insightful Bret Stephens. 
As a philo-Semite myself I don't understand why people are anti-Semitic. Unless it's just jealousy. 
Look at the examples that Stephens gives of places that have harmed themselves by hounding Jews out of their countries, from Spain in the 15th century to Arabia in the 21st (via, of course, the Nazis in the 20th, who might well have won the war if they hadn't driven out its Jewish scientists). 
"An Israeli heavyweight judoka named Or Sasson defeated an Egyptian opponent named Islam El Shehaby Friday in a first-round match at the Rio Olympics. The Egyptian refused to shake his opponent's extended hand, earning boos from the crowd. Mr. Sasson went on to win a bronze medal.
"If you want the short answer for why the Arab world is sliding into the abyss, look no further than this little incident. It did itself in chiefly through its long-abiding and all-consuming hatred of Israel, and of Jews.
"That's not a point you will find in a long article about the Arab crackup by Scott Anderson in last weekend's New York Times Magazine , where hatred of Israel is treated like sand in Arabia—a given of the landscape. Nor is it much mentioned in the wide literature about the legacy of colonialism in the Middle East, or the oil curse, governance gap, democracy deficit, youth bulge, sectarian divide, legitimacy crisis and every other explanation for Arab decline."
Full article below the fold

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Moazzam Begg is....

... an Islamist nasty. With very many dubious Islamist mates and a love of the Taliban.
Why are you feting him on BBC? As he berated Guantanamo?
Hating the prison does not mean you can have a deeply compromised ex-prisoner as witness.
Peter Forsythe
Hong Kong.
[mail to BBC "World have your say"]

Can electric vehicles ever really meet Hong Kong’s transport needs?

Thoughtful, data-rich article on the place of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.
Because Hong Kong's electricity is about 70% derived from coal (the rest is carbon-free nuclear), electric vehicles are only a bit better than petrol cars and about the same as diesel cars in terms of CO2 emissions when calculated on "well to wheel" basis of electricity production.
That's because if you use coal-based electricity production to charge car batteries, you've changed only the source of the CO2 production not its amount.
With Australia having a much higher coal-based electricity production than even Hong Kong, electric cars there would do nothing to help cut down overall Australian CO2 emissions.
More nuclear!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Why Trump doesn't want to reveal his tax returns

Is a Little Radiation So Bad? - WSJ

The "Linear Non Threshold" model of radiation (any amount is bad, no matter how small), may well be wrong. With dramatic implications to handling nuclear stations and waste, if proven wrong.
Greenpeace has been at the forefront of pushing LNT.
They are responsible for the increase of CO2 and resulting climate change.

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Your Tax Dollars Fund Palestinian Terror - WSJ

This is charity Islam-style. Aka "Zakat". It's for Muslims only and in Palestine it's to pay the families of suicide murderers. Sick. 
As long as Palestinian political culture remains unchanged—as long as Palestine's liberal friends excuse its every illiberal offense—expect the glorification of terrorism to continue. This is a political scandal far greater than any single charity funneling funds to Hamas.
Mr. Feith is a Journal editorial writer based in Hong Kong.

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"Figures show strong backing for extremists". South China Morning Post

My letter published today:
Figures show strong backing for extremists
I refer to the letter by Siddiq ­Bazarwala ("Anti-Muslim ignorance helps terrorists", August 7), replying to my letter ­("Millions of Muslims back ­Islamic State", July 27).
Your correspondent claims I misrepresent research on Muslim opinion with "vitriolic and anti-Muslim" rhetoric and promote "false narratives". In short, I'm an Islamophobe. Not so.
It is important to have a good grasp of how many support extremist ­Islam. Is it less than 0.1 per cent as Mr Bazarwala claim, or closer to the figure I quoted, "a minimum of 63 million"? The short answer is that I am right.
We both accept the Pew Research figures of the percentages which view Islamic State (IS) favourably.
The 63 million figure came from Harvard ­history professor Niall Ferguson. I fact-checked his figures (per cent times population) and confirmed them ­(
Mr Bazarwala simply ­quoted a Pew sub-headline to its study, "Muslim views of ISIS overwhelmingly negative" across the Muslim world.
At least 63 million Muslims in 11 Muslim countries support IS. Worldwide, well over 100 ­million do so.
It is certainly not "less than 0.1 per cent" of the Muslim population as ­Mr Bazarwala claims, but more like 10 per cent. This fact should be of grave concern to us all.
Why should Islam alone be immune from examination and why call critics "Islamophobes"? I can criticise the pope without being called a "Cathophobe". Or make fun of ­Mormons (Book of ­Mormon)without being a "Mormophobe".But I can't point to wide support for IS without being a "vitriolic, anti-Muslim" Islamophobe?
Moderate Muslims must ­address Islam's nastier doctrines and practices.
Non-violent Muslims who don't do so, when their violent co-religionists wreak havoc, are not "innocent" bystanders. They are culpable bystanders.
Peter Forsythe, Discovery Bay

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Friday, 12 August 2016

My Islam is not terrorists’ Islam |

This is classic Islamic apologia, from a female Muslim doctor somewhere or other.
It's rubbish.
My comment I posted is below (because she rhetorically asked the terrorists, in her final para, "which Koran are you reading?" Well, there's only one and its message is crystal clear: kill infidels. Especially those horrid Jews).
I'm inclined to ask "how *dare* she?? How dare she try such duplicity? How can she live with herself? Or does she really believe what she says? In which case never take her as your doctor, cause she's stupid.

"Which Koran are YOU reading?? My copy I have read several times and keep by my coffee table for regular reference.
It's FULL of sectarian, violent verses and especially hates Jews. Your article is apologia squared. Don't try to fool those of us who have read the horrid Koran and the equally horrid Hadiths.",82523

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Qur'anic Literalism: An Alternative To Radical Islam - Forbes

True this...
Imagine for a moment that we lived in a world where a group dedicated to fulfilling each and every syllable of the Old Testament has begun to wreak havoc in Europe. We wake up one morning to discover the rise of OTSAH, the Old Testament State of Austria and Hungary. This group has a particular fondness for the stoning to death of human beings. It believes that stoning is the only answer to a variety of crimes; from worshipping other gods, to working on the Sabbath. Initially, we find such claims shocking, but don't quite take them seriously. Until they start to release the videos.
The world condemns OTSAH. And yet, dozens of neighboring European states are run with legal codes explicitly derived from this very type of Biblical Literalism. We see that secular bloggers in Romania are being routinely sentenced to hundreds of lashes in public for the crime of blasphemy against Yahweh. We note with horror that the government of Croatia determines that a woman raped in Zagreb must be executed, because she didn't cry out loud enough in order to prevent her attack. Had she been raped in the countryside, she would have been forgiven.
This is what Biblical Literalism might look like. The fictional OTSAH is every bit as terrifying as ISIS or Boko Haram. If a group of this kind began to ascend, we would be justified in dropping virtually everything else in pursuit of ensuring that this brand of thinking went no further than Central Europe. It's absolutely true that a passing knowledge of the crusades tells us that such a group could theoretically exist. But, at least in our reality, it doesn't (The L.R.A. of Uganda being the closest example in living memory). 
A vast array of beliefs about fellow human beings
If there were several Christian states operating legal codes deriving directly from scripture, that prescribed the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts, these states would necessitate the relentless condemnation of the international community. But, in our reality, there aren't. Inexplicably, the importance of this distinction seems to evade those who respond to tragedies such as Orlando with moral equivalences relating to other faiths or cultures.

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Is Islam a Religion? | PJ Media

Islam is an unrepentant politico-expansionist movement clothed in the trappings of religion and bent on universal conquest by whatever means it can mobilize: deception (taqiyya), social and cultural infiltration, or bloody violence, as its millennial history and authoritative scriptures have proven. (See Koran 13:41, which is meant literally despite the attempt of apologists to launder its purport: "Do they not see that We are advancing in the land, diminishing it by its borders on all sides?")

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Muslim women need to make concessions to get a job. I did.

A young Muslim lady complains about lack of jobs in Britain for Muslim women.
Because of their names or their dress, or not being able to speak English.
So, of course, according to her, and the BBC, it's all Britain's fault.
I went to China in mid seventies to study and then work.
I immediately wore Chinese clothes, learnt Chinese and took a Chinese name.
Why can't these Muslim women do the same?
Why should these young Muslim women get to play the victim card, blame Britain, rather than make some simple concessions to Britain which would help them get a job?
Enough of this "blame Britain" nonsense.
Demand some commitment to the host country by the immigrants.
Peter Forsythe
Hong Kong

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From Bikinis to Burkinis | What France has given up because of Islam in their country

This is absolutely shocking. I had no idea France had cancelled so many public events as a direct result of Islamic threats. 
This is the price of bringing in so many immigrants who don't share the values of the enlightenment west. The price of giving in to the lefty multi-cultis who made all this happen. 
"Meanwhile, armed soldiers are patrolling French beaches and many of the cultural and sporting events that are a feature of the French summer holidays have been cancelled for fear of Islamic terror attacks.

The Beach Music Festival at Berck on the Normandy coast was called off two days before it was due to begin on August 4.

The traditional summer fireworks displays in Marseilles, Cannes, Chambéry, Avignon and La Baule will not take place. In Nice, site of the Bastille Day truck massacre, a concert by Rihanna, the annual Nice Jazz Festival and the European road cycling championships have been cancelled.

In Paris, half a dozen summer events have been abandoned including the traditional pedestrianization of the Champs-Elysées.

The most prominent cultural event to be called off is the Braderie de Lille. This gigantic flea-market dating back to the 12th century takes place during the first weekend of September and attracts between two and three million visitors each year to its four square miles of stalls. On August 5, the Mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, announced that she was cancelling the event for security reasons.

For local businesses, these cancellations are an economic catastrophe that will cost them tens of millions of dollars."

Full story >>

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